Anna Speaks on Social Networking to Grow Your Business June 16th

Social media has been described as the Holy Grail or a wasteful time suck. Wasn't that how the web was described a few short years ago? It is neither.

Social media is now playing a huge part in business and it's influence is growing daily. Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and email marketing can connect you to your markets in a more relevant way. Come and find out the truth about social media and how to use it to great advantage.

Join me at The C-Suite Forum, a Peer Group of C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Professionals. Networking follows the presentation. Guests are welcome. Check the web site to call in advance.

The C-Suite Forum

June 16th 7:45 am -10 am
The Association of the City Bar
42 West 44th St (5th/6th Avenue)
The Cromwell Room