Living Large in Small Spaces

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”  ~ Socrates

Shoebox Living
Mayor Bloomberg is waiving current guidelines to create apartments in Kips Bay measuring 275-300 square feet. That’s half a subway car. I’m not sure people who work in cubicles all day want to live in one.

At 23, I moved from the East Village to what is now Soho. It was Little Italy then. No art galleries or shops. No markets or laundries. There was a bocce ball court at the end of my street.

My first apartment there was a shoebox: teeny-weeny tiny. Soon I charmed the landlord into giving me a bigger apartment with a sleeping loft and it’s own private entrance in an inner courtyard (very European). Still a studio but with four times the space, it seemed capacious.

Small vs. Big
We all want more space and more storage. But we live in New York – no attics, no basements, no barns, no garages, no sheds. No guest rooms, just sofabeds and no offices, just nooks. Storage is costly. What to do with all that stuff?

Keep or Toss?
Many of us have too much. It a problem of affluence. It’s especially true of Boomers and Seniors. Gen Xers and Millennials have a lot to teach us. They don’t save or collect. They shop carefully and say no often. They’re just not into consumption. Gen Y with fewer jobs and higher student loan debt, grew up wired, 100% computer savvy. They prize green living and simplicity over luxury and status.

“Millennials in particular seem to be embracing the concept of ‘traveling light’ as a way of life. Whether by necessity or choice, minimalism appears to be the new ‘chic’.”


Small & Beautiful
I’m not advocating living in a teeny-tiny spaces or chucking everything but it’s interesting to see how some live in just 300 square-feet called home. How do they do it? Check out these YouTube videos for a glimpse of how a few creative people live large in small spaces. No clutter. Great ideas. Built ins and double duty furniture. Now, don’t we all feel abundant and spacious?

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Amazing NYC Apartment - Transformer Style..Storage in Disguise!


Small Space, Big Style #02 (4/4)


Amazing Unfolding Origami Apartment video - OffBeat Spaces


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