Electronics Cemetary

“Whenever I go into a home or office, inevitably I find an electronics graveyard: obsolete or broken appliances, phones, computers,  televisions, even unopened software still in boxes. Face it. We’re all guilty of this.”  ~ Anna Lieber

Recycle obsolete, broken, unwanted electronics at Best Buy. No matter where you bought it, you can drop off three items including TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, cell phones, and more. No console TVs or large appliances. Go to this web address to check everything they accept and find locations.

Donate working items to your favorite charity, thrift shop or shelter. They often welcome your items even if obsolete. It may take some research and travel as most do not pick up small items but you’ll feel good that you’ve found a second life for these objects, a good home, and you are contributing to others. Selling on Craigslist and listing items on Freecycle sometimes works. Be prepared to wait, wait, wait. If you need the space now, better to release it quickly.

To some, this may sound appalling but as a last resort, trash it. If an item is broken, obsolete or useless to you, it may be to others, too. Do you want to trip over it, dust it and allow it take up valuable real estate? The trash doesn’t always mean the landfill. Some trash gets recycled as it is picked over for the gold: bottles to redeem, metals to scrap for cash, items to repair, and books to sell.

If you need help to declutter your home or office, or any space filled with hoards of items, contact me. I welcome your emails and calls. I offer a Complimentary Phone Consultation to discuss your project. When you refer a friend who schedules a four-hour session, you earn a Free Hour added to your next four-hour organizing session. I look forward to hearing from you.