In Plain English for the Technophobe

I love the "In Plain English" series on YouTube. They explain technology platforms so elegantly in animation cartoons. Brilliant, captivating and educational. Perfect for you and grandma too! Check this link for several pages in Google.

Success According to Steve Jobs

I admired Steve Jobs and I'm deeply saddened by his untimely death. Besides being the Thomas Edison of our time (I read that somewhere and it really stuck in my mind), the simple shining wisdom came through when he spoke. He was a marketing genius. He knew what was important. He didn't major in minor things. Here's an interesting article on his "Seven Rules of Success." They bear repeating.

1. Do what you love.
2. Put a dent in the universe.
3. Make connections.
4. Say no to a thousand things.
5. Create insanely different experiences.
6. Master the message.
7. Sell dreams, not products.

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Less stuff = more happiness

Check out this video talk by Graham Hill. In under 6 minutes, Hill eloquently shares his extraordinary philosophy of life which we all need to take to heart. More people are opting to live a simpler life. Find out why. Watch it now!

Time Management for Creative Entrepreneurs

Once again I’m excited to be teaching a seminar course in Time Management at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) on four Saturday afternoons.

By the way, you needn’t be in fashion. We’ve had students who’d like to start a business as well as artists, jewelry makers, technology entrepreneurs, etc. Feel free to forward this to anyone you know who may be interested.

The class is geared to creative entrepreneurs who’d like to improve how they manage their time to boost their productivity. Besides being filled with of readings, videos, information and exercises, personal attention is given to each attendee.

It starts this Saturday but there is still time to register. FIT is easy to get to at 25th Street and 7th Avenue.

CEO 034 Time Management
1.2 CEU
In this highly interactive course, you will evaluate your current time management skills and get busy creating a more time-effective approach to professional and personal goal achievement. Explore your commitment to accomplishing each of your goals and prioritize accordingly.

Sep 10, 17, 24, Oct 1 2 PM-5 PM $145.

To register

The course number is CEO 034. Here is the link. Scroll down to find it:


February: Stay-at-Home Projects

“...This year, deep cleaning carries a deeper meaning for many consumers. The troubled economy has prompted a need for empowerment, and they’re finding that the acts of cleaning, organizing and decluttering the home can provide that much needed sense of control. In a survey of our IconoCommunities SM panel, 25% of respondents acknowledge that they’ve been more active and interested in cleaning their homes since the start of the recession.” –

It’s almost Spring... Well not quite! It’s still frigid but the sun’s out. Not time for Spring cleaning, however the Winter is a great time to declutter because we spend more time at home. Spring Cleaning will be a whole lot easier too. Here are a few ideas:

Bookshelf clutter

• Load music onto the IPod and sell the CDs. Clear your shelves and make some cash too. Or, place the CDs into a CD binder and recycle the cases.

• Books: Keep the best, clear out the rest. Discard novels that aren’t keepers and outgrown interests. Donate them or sell online, which requires delivery to the post office one by one, as they sell.

• Records fetch money from dealers too. If you aren’t listening to them, they’re collecting dust. Do you even own a working turntable? Check online for prices on collectable items like The Beatles, in pristine condition. Watch DVDs and let them go.

Desk disarray

• Recycle plastic trays from berries and tomatoes or use an old cutlery divider tray to divide the desk drawer. Small supplies will be easy to find.

• Use any additional drawers to keep printer paper, pads and envelopes neat and clean. Stackable translucent drawers are an inexpensive, functional solution that provides a minimalist look.

• Write all your web addresses in an address book or a web address book. Store it in a secure place near the computer.

• Empty your wallet weekly and store receipts in an accordion file or a handsome box. If you need to return an item or check a statement, there they are – simple!

• Gather all pens in a pretty metal cup, ceramic mug or a jar on your desk. Recycle a tin can for an industrial chic look once the label is removed. Use several and store stray scissors, markers and pencils also.

Messy medicine cabinet

• Check for expired medications. Toss the pills into the yuckiest garbage. Use a black marker to obscure personal information on the prescription bottle before discarding.

• Toss old makeup and hard nail polish. Mascara, creams and cosmetics go bad quickly. Juice glasses fit into the cabinet to store makeup brushes, emery boards, eye pencils, tweezers, and other small items.

• Find a pretty cup for toothbrush and toothpaste. Nicer than laying it on the sink and more sanitary. Add a pretty dish for the soap bar.

Small projects, easily done, saving money and time. Sort like-with-like and a create a home for everything. I’m here if you need help, as always.

Hear Anna Speak on Time Management

Hear Anna Speak on Time Management

NAPO-NY Organize with Style Conference

Saturday, March 5, 2011, 10am - 1 pm
The NY Helmsley Hotel

By Feb 15 $75. After Feb 15 $90.

For more Information:




January is Get Organized Month, Part 3

This week, we’ll conclude with ideas for organizing the bedroom and closets.


• Create a serene sanctuary for sleep and relaxation.

• Clear out shoes you trip over, laundry, extra clothing, toys, pet products, papers, and cosmetics.

• For each bed, it’s ideal to have three sets of sheets: one on bed, one in laundry, and one on the shelf. To make things easier, use a different color for each bed or family member. Cottons in whites, lights or neutrals are most soothing.


• Store linens and towels in a utility closet with shelves, or dedicate one shelf in a closet near the bathroom or bedroom.

• Create a shelf for extra toiletries, gift wrap and household items such as light bulbs and batteries. Stacking bins, baskets, turntables and drawers with labels work well for these products.

• Store the vacuum and toolbox on the closet floor.

• For maximum storage, the ironing board and iron can be hung on the door.


• Review clothing and donate items you haven’t worn In the past two years. Make space for the new.

• Sort everyday clothing so like items are together and safely store special occasion or out-of-season clothing.

• Joan Crawford was right. No wire hangers! Also toss plastic from dry cleaners. It’s not good for the clothes or you.

• Set up convenient shoe storage on racks or shelves.

• Place a hamper for laundry where convenient and box or basket for donations to be emptied when full.


• Create a clean, serene, spa-like room so you can prepare for the day and recharge in the evening.

• Clear excess toiletries and clutter strewn about. Decant or contain products to create a spa-like atmosphere without advertising.

• Use different color towels for each family member.

Ah, relax! Enjoy better health, productivity and serenity that comes with a beautiful home and workspace. When you need help getting to that Zen zone, please call on me. Organized space works!


January is Get Organized Month, Part 2

By proclamation from New York’s Mayor and throughout the nation, January has been named “Get Organized Month.” So let’s continue our ideas for organizing the home. This week, we’ll cover the kitchen and living room. I hope you are enjoying these tips.


• Clear out unhealthy foods in cupboard, refrigerator and freezer. Check expiration dates and ingredients.

• Keep a running grocery list and be sure to take it to the store.

• If you have the space, stock up on staples and paper goods to save time.

• Arrange similar cans and other basics together to avoid purchasing items you already have. Always stock newer items in back so you use the oldest first.

• Containerize dry goods in canisters to prevent mess and bugs. If purchasing a set, square stacking containers save space.

• Toss chipped dishes, plastic without tops or bottoms and scratched Teflon pans. Place like items together in cabinets nearest to dishwasher or sink. A pot rack saves space. Donate mismatched items which are still usable.

• Place special occasion dishes and serving pieces on top shelf of cabinets since you don’t need access often.

• Everything in the kitchen must be functional. Evaluate large appliances that hog counter space and gadgets that clog the drawers. Eliminate rarely used items: apple and pineapple corers, egg slicers, etc. A good set of sharp knives safely stored work best.


This is where we read, relax, socialize, watch television and movies, listen to music. Clutter prevents you from being comfortable whether alone or when entertaining.

• Create a comfortable conversation area. Each seat should have a table at arms reach to rest a drink.

• Hide tech equipment and media or simply organize it to your preference and style.

• Sort and purge bookshelves. Edit collections annually. Keep the best and lose the rest.

• Eliminate unnecessary bric-a-brac which tend to collect dust.

• Use a magazine basket to contain magazines currently being read.

• Edit photographs, crafts and memorabilia, storing them in archival boxes or scrapbooks.

Next week, we’ll talk about ideas for organizing the bedroom and closets. If you need help in any of these areas, please call on me. Organized space works!

January is Get Organized Month

I hope you enjoy these New Year tips ...

January is the perfect time to put your New Year’s resolutions into action. I’m sending a brief guide over the next three weeks to help you get started.

Whether you have a studio apartment or a house, the goal is to eliminate clutter and maximize space. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It’s tempting to purchase organizing items but until you have sorted, purged and measured, you won’t know precisely what’s needed – and these can become part of the clutter. Daily maintenance for 15 minutes or a half hour will prevent having to spend days or weeks to catch up.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a fresh start for the new year with healthy, calming spaces. Of course, not all ideas apply to everyone.


• In the entry area, place a table or chest with a basket on top to store mail until you process it.

• This “landing strip” should hold a bowl or tray to drop keys in as you enter.

• Use this area to place items you plan to take with you when leaving.

• A decorative container can hold umbrellas.


• Your desk is a work zone. Place items on it which are in regular use, not your entire stash of supplies or other household items.

• Set up and maintain equipment so it functions properly.

• An armoire or shelving system with boxes is a neat way to keep paper, materials and supplies contained.

• A file system is essential for home and business. It should enable you to locate an important document in less than two minutes. Weekly filing eliminates stress.

• Gain control of your financial life. Eliminate late fees by logging bill payment reminders onto your calendar. Your file system helps you store documents and prepare taxes in a timely manner.

• Organize your computer with a set of folders to keep digital files and email easy to file and retrieve.

• Your day planner is an essential time management tool. Whether you prefer digital or paper, use one calendar to keep your daily focus on what matters.

• Place a shredder near the desk and use it to shred financial solicitations and sensitive documents with account numbers.

Next week, we’ll look at organizing the kitchen and living room. If you need help in any of these areas, please call on me. Organized space works!