Starbucks Promise

Since Starbucks opened I have liked the company: their environments, promotion design, accessibility, coffee and fair practices. They are all about a positive experience and a respite in your hectic day.

Since my last few visits, I'm putting them on notice. Despite poetic signage about daybreak breakfasts, it was not a positive experience. 

The restroom mirror had a splash of gunk plastered on it and looked as though it had been there for a while. Don't their employees ever visit the restroom? I know it gets heavy use but cleanliness in a coffee shop is not a frill – it's basic. 

Branding is a promise, not just about advertising but every small detail of customer service.

I still like the staff service and love that everywhere I go they are never more than a few blocks away. Their brochures are cool and their drinks are hot. Is that enough? 

What's happened to their management? Am I the only one noticing?