Buzzword Dissected: CRM

You've heard the words: customer relationship management (CRM), mass customization, data mining, and more. I don't know about you but I don't want to manage my clients, and I know I never will. Relationships, yes. Conversation, yes. Engagement, yes. I can manage my database but not my customers. What I can do – is give them what they want.

We're all customers. We know what we want:
• Authenticity
• Respect
• Value
• Excellence
• Things that work
• Things that help

We want what we want – when we want it. And we are intelligent enough to choose.

We also know what we don't want:
• Voice mail Hell (or web site Hell for that matter)
• Products that don't work
• Services that don't deliver
• Things that hurt us
• Spam
• A vacuum when we need answers

Simple. Give me something that improves my life, my work, my world. Eliminate everything else. That's my customer relationship wish list. What's yours?

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