After Hurricane Sandy

I hope everyone is ok after this devastating storm. 

If you haven't been able to communicate with family and friends, there is a Red Cross website where you can list yourself as safe and well.

We all think it can't happen here. I was a bit skeptical too. After all, NY usually doesn't have these severe natural disasters. Well, never say never!

Some were affected more than others. According to a friend on First Avenue, there was a river on her street from East River surges. Some of the the streets in Chelsea were flooded too as the Hudson River breached. With the subway system dark, no buses running and few cars on the road, NY was eerily quiet. Many trees were down and power lines were affected. Power was out in many neighborhoods. 

I was luckily not one of those whose power was cut off but I now advise all my clients to put together a Go Bag.  



Once storm repair is over, call me if you need help creating a Go Bag or Family Disaster Plan.

Be safe and be well!