January: A fresh start

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life."    –  William Morris, The Aims of Art 

A Time for Change
It's a new year, a good time to reassess your goals and kickstart all those organization projects jumping around in your head. Getting them done will enhance your life while you enjoy the benefits of productivity, serenity and reduced expense. Here are some projects we recently completed. The names have been changed for confidentiality but the projects are typical, and may resonate with you.

Home Makeover
Holly's apartment never felt right to her, despite new appliances and nicely painted walls. Her furniture arrangement didn't fit, there was clutter everywhere, and she could barely function. We came in for several days to rearrange the spaces, redesign and accessorize with her own belongings. Now it looks fantastic, the storage works, and Holly can finally relax in her own home.

Business Recordkeeping
Bill needed to institute a more efficient system for his finances. We set up his checkbook and accounting in a computer bookkeeping program so he can manage his finances, both business and personal. Now, at tax time he can give his accountant a general ledger, expenses and income without spending days on calculations. As his business grows, we can refer a trusted bookkeeper to visit monthly to pay bills, invoice clients and reconcile accounts. Bill's finances are in order and he has time to focus on growing his business.

Mail Clutter & Paper Piles
Marion couldn't manage paper. Paper piles were everywhere: junk mail she hadn't read, medical paperwork, investment reports, unfinished projects and old papers. She spent a lot of time looking for things in order to manage her work and personal affairs. First we set up her home office in a more efficient arrangement. Then we sorted and filed into a system of current files. We packed away past years' archives. Now taking advantage of our winter sale for coaching, Marion's on track to more organized habits. 

Project Management
Peggy needed to keep up with the demanding projects and quick deadlines at work. We helped her institute a simple Japanese follow-up system, a hot file setup, computerized calendar and two important lists to keep her on track. We are training her in new time management methodologies for ongoing maintenance.

Closet Rehab
Claudia needed a closet intervention. It took her so long to get dressed that she was continually late to work and appointments. We reworked her closet so her clothing, jewelry and shoes are all beautifully organized. Claudia can find everything and best of all, she's shopping in her closet rediscovering clothing with the tags still attached. Who knew?

Bills & Taxes
Beth asked us to eliminate the pileup of bills and receipts she has collected in many bags and boxes. We set up a simple to maintain system to streamline bill paying and data collection for taxes. We moved her bills into online or automatic payments. Once a year, after taxes financial files are archived.

How to Make a Shift
Small changes lead to big results. Feel the power to make a shift. When you see a problem that needs fixing, acknowledge that change begins with your willingness. With a new system in place, you can work on new habits for 30 days until they become part of you. January is the perfect time to get started. 

The Real Deal
Ask about our Winter Specials to sweeten clutter clearing and organizing in January and February. And remember, you get a free hour at your next session any time you refer a friend who completes a 4-hour session.

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