It's a new day and much needed. "Give Your Stuff Away day" has been announced for September 25th. Anyone have a truck to loan me? I've got stuff – and I bet you do too.

See the Huffington Post article and website:

Great idea – but not sure how it works. If I brought all my excess stuff to the curb, my building managers would have me arrested.

This is an issue to ponder. Let's take action. I declare every day a "get rid of your excess stuff day."

To motivate you here's a great essay on "Stuff" written by Paul Graham. Highly recommended for paper packrats, clutterbugs, collectors, and all of us shopaholics who suffer from this disease of abundance.

Seriously, hoarders – if you need supportive, hands on help with your clutter in the NYC area, email me quick.

Happy clutterbusting!