Time Management Take-Aways

Here are some of the tips shared for CEOs at our event at the Darien Historical Society, along with a few more. Managing time more effectively is a skill everyone needs. Time is a nonrenewable resource. As Carl Sandburg said "Time is the coin of your life.... Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

Task Management

• Scan for high priority items in voicemail and email. Then go right to important projects during your power hours.

• Resist the urge to respond to every call or email immediately. Instead, schedule blocks of time in your calendar and batch calls and email replies.  Avoid responding to other peoples' priorities all day. Most things can wait.

• When facing a difficult or unpleasant task, do it first and move on.

• Schedule a “do not disturb time” for creative work during your peak energy time of day (for most it’s mornings). Do low energy tasks later.

• Avoid sticky notes and small bits of paper. Use one notebook for voice mail numbers, notes, lists, etc.

List Management

• Use a master list to download tasks and reminders from your brain.  

• Create a brief daily list for priority items. Focus on the important, not just the urgent.

• Before you leave the office write a daily list for the next day. Now forget it until tomorrow. Long hours are not effective.

Project Management

• Create a shared notebook in Evernote for updates, meeting notes and agendas for team projects.

• Hire talent you trust can handle the job. Train them, delegate and let go. Empower them and have them check in with milestones. Resist the urge to micromanage.

• As CEO and leader of your organization, your focus is on strategic rather than tactical work.