What Does It Take to Get Organized?

A place for everything and everything in its place  
Grandma was right … and now it’s even more important because we have so many more objects and events in our lives. If you don’t designate proper storage, the whole space becomes a messy heap. Better to treat your lovely things well and be able to function effectively without extra stress. 

Sort like with like  
When you see that you own 12 scissors or 24 black tops, it’s a bit easier to purge the excess. Keep the treasure and toss the trash.

Find it fast  
Keeping like items together means you’ll always know where to find it and you won't overstock. Keep all office supplies together, all toiletries together, all make up together, all paper products, all cereals. You get the idea.

Keep it simple
Stash items close to point of use. Store items you use often in the most accessible way. If you use everyday plates, store them in the easiest to reach cabinet. If you use a certain reference book daily, store it  within arm’s reach of your desk. 

Containerize and label
Small items in a box or bin are easier to store. They won’t become lost or messy and therefore they will create a sense of order. Be sure to label everything, even if the containers are clear. It’s so much easier and faster to find things that way.

Flow in and out
Many maintain the 1-in 1-out rule. If you get a new book, one goes out. Keep a bag in the closet for donations and when it’s full, move them on. If your shelves are overflowing, donate 2 for 1. Keep things moving in and out for good flow.

Maintain the systems
Create a ritual daily to put away things and weekly ritual to do routine chores. I like to spend an hour in the morning tidying up, making the bed and putting away any purchases from the day before. I don’t have to do it in the evening when I’m tired and this routine supports my busy life by keeping things in flow.

My Podcast on Organizing

I was recently a guest speaker on a website called “It’s All About Women,” which features therapists and other mental health professionals talking about life challenges. I speak on “Why Can’t I Get Organized, Once and For All.” It runs about 18 minutes. Here is a shortcut link to the podcast. Hope you enjoy it!

After you listen, come back and post a comment for a chance to win a free hour on your next organizing session. May the best comment win! And while you’re on my blog, look at the past entries too to learn some surprising things.