What a Time!

Now is the time to:

•  Pull out your file called "GREAT IDEAS." What else are you doing?

•  Learn about ––––,  for me it's how my fancy digital camera works. (Note to self: read the manual.)

•  Organize your office. So you can work efficiently when the busy blitz hits.

•  Add a new skill to your arsenal to keep that competitive edge sharp. Not to mention your brain. No, not Sudoku.

•  Do take up dance or yoga to keep the positive vibes flowing.

•  Get all those marketing projects going ... while repeating softly to yourself: "This too shall pass."

•  Look at the goals you wrote earlier this month. Tape them to the wall and take action.

• Move away from the computer. Then do 12 jumping jacks and pick up the phone to call someone. You still have a phone, right?

I plan to print this list and tape it to my wall. What are you are doing to weather the storm?


Big vs. Small: Fighting the Fear Factor

We all know it's a tough environment. 
Free floating uncertainty creates fear which is contagious and leads to full blown paralysis.

Additionally, some of my colleagues (especially in the real estate industry) say they've seen their prospects gravitating toward big brand name companies. Smaller companies may find this puzzling since corporations are cited in news stories daily as the cause of our economic turmoil.

This is an issue a small business can use to its advantage.

How do we break this cycle?
• Turn off the news. 

• Take action. Action gives you control over your destiny.

• Provide the confidence factor. You're good so feel good. People buy from those they know, like and trust.

• Show what you know. Demonstrate your ability. Where can you point to results?

• Give truly personal, excellent service. People care that you care. 

• Show them the WIIFM. What's in it for me?

• Add value. Give something extra whenever you can. 

• Make your offer irresistible. If it's well priced and promises to give me what I need, I'm more likely to buy.

• Sell what your clients want not what you believe they need. Read this again.

• Finally, most of us give up too soon. As my mentor says, the gold is in the follow up.