What a Time!

Now is the time to:

•  Pull out your file called "GREAT IDEAS." What else are you doing?

•  Learn about ––––,  for me it's how my fancy digital camera works. (Note to self: read the manual.)

•  Organize your office. So you can work efficiently when the busy blitz hits.

•  Add a new skill to your arsenal to keep that competitive edge sharp. Not to mention your brain. No, not Sudoku.

•  Do take up dance or yoga to keep the positive vibes flowing.

•  Get all those marketing projects going ... while repeating softly to yourself: "This too shall pass."

•  Look at the goals you wrote earlier this month. Tape them to the wall and take action.

• Move away from the computer. Then do 12 jumping jacks and pick up the phone to call someone. You still have a phone, right?

I plan to print this list and tape it to my wall. What are you are doing to weather the storm?

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