End of Summer Organizing

“I’m fascinated by the mystery surrounding ‘getting organized.’ ”  ~ David Allen

End of summer last licks

I’m probably the only one you know who is happy to see the end of summer, and I’ve been using the last few days of this month to work on my own organization.

Yes, Organizers also need to organize. Clutter comes into our lives daily. I anticipate the brisk cool days of Fall when we can put away the summer gear and focus on our indoor spaces.

As we get ready to spend more time indoors, ask yourself: Is my home a soothing haven or a stressful mess? Which gets me thinking ... what does it actually mean to be truly organized? Organization is simply having what you need, when you need it. Too much stuff gets in the way of that; even too much of a good thing can be overwhelming.

Here are some ideas about organization:

Organization is not products
Often new clients ask me what to buy for the first session. They are surprised when I say nothing. Organizing products are great but most of the time, they end up as clutter because one has purchased something that looks great in the store but doesn’t function for our needs. Most of us already have all the stuff we need, or we can repurpose what we do have. It’s critical to sort and purge first; then determine the space, and only then think about what storage products to buy.

Disorganization is not deciding
Organizers say clutter is postponed decisions ...which is why it takes time to get organized. A room filled with stuff without a home might mean 5000 decisions. Should I keep it? Do I love it? Is it functional? Does it contribute to my life? How many do I have? How many do I need? Where should it live? What would happen if I give it up? Who do I give it to? Stuff seems to take over our time. Yet humans are collectors so we need to make good decisions.

Paper multiplication is a dilemma
Paper seems to multiply. If a room full objects is 5000 decisions, a box of paper can be 5000 decisions. That’s why it’s important to minimize paper. Convert to online bill paying. Contain necessary paper in an effective file system. Toss obsolete newspapers. Shred financial offers and get off the mailing lists. Minimize mail through one of the unsubscribe services. Make decisions a few minutes daily before you have that backlog which takes over your space.

Organization is having a place
You’ve heard the wise adage ... “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Where is the place your mail resides until you can read and process it? What about your current action papers? Do they have a home or are they scattered about? Your extra paper towels, office supplies, photos, shampoos, boxes of tea, sweaters ... Does every item have a proper place so you can find it when you need it? Or do you waste precious time looking, get stressed or spend money to buy items you know you already own, leading to more clutter?

What you keep adds meaning 
Figure out what adds meaning to your life and eliminate the rest. Here’s where an Organizer can help. We guide you to make the right decisions. We help you set up systems that work. We keep you accountable to the process until it gets done.

Freebies & Specials
Is there an end of summer organizing project you want to accomplish? Call for a Complimentary Phone Consultation to discuss your projects. Our rates go up in January. Take advantage of the last quarter of the year to get organized once and for all.

Have an organized day,