January is Get Organized Month, Part 3

This week, we’ll conclude with ideas for organizing the bedroom and closets.


• Create a serene sanctuary for sleep and relaxation.

• Clear out shoes you trip over, laundry, extra clothing, toys, pet products, papers, and cosmetics.

• For each bed, it’s ideal to have three sets of sheets: one on bed, one in laundry, and one on the shelf. To make things easier, use a different color for each bed or family member. Cottons in whites, lights or neutrals are most soothing.


• Store linens and towels in a utility closet with shelves, or dedicate one shelf in a closet near the bathroom or bedroom.

• Create a shelf for extra toiletries, gift wrap and household items such as light bulbs and batteries. Stacking bins, baskets, turntables and drawers with labels work well for these products.

• Store the vacuum and toolbox on the closet floor.

• For maximum storage, the ironing board and iron can be hung on the door.


• Review clothing and donate items you haven’t worn In the past two years. Make space for the new.

• Sort everyday clothing so like items are together and safely store special occasion or out-of-season clothing.

• Joan Crawford was right. No wire hangers! Also toss plastic from dry cleaners. It’s not good for the clothes or you.

• Set up convenient shoe storage on racks or shelves.

• Place a hamper for laundry where convenient and box or basket for donations to be emptied when full.


• Create a clean, serene, spa-like room so you can prepare for the day and recharge in the evening.

• Clear excess toiletries and clutter strewn about. Decant or contain products to create a spa-like atmosphere without advertising.

• Use different color towels for each family member.

Ah, relax! Enjoy better health, productivity and serenity that comes with a beautiful home and workspace. When you need help getting to that Zen zone, please call on me. Organized space works!


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