January is Get Organized Month, Part 2

By proclamation from New York’s Mayor and throughout the nation, January has been named “Get Organized Month.” So let’s continue our ideas for organizing the home. This week, we’ll cover the kitchen and living room. I hope you are enjoying these tips.


• Clear out unhealthy foods in cupboard, refrigerator and freezer. Check expiration dates and ingredients.

• Keep a running grocery list and be sure to take it to the store.

• If you have the space, stock up on staples and paper goods to save time.

• Arrange similar cans and other basics together to avoid purchasing items you already have. Always stock newer items in back so you use the oldest first.

• Containerize dry goods in canisters to prevent mess and bugs. If purchasing a set, square stacking containers save space.

• Toss chipped dishes, plastic without tops or bottoms and scratched Teflon pans. Place like items together in cabinets nearest to dishwasher or sink. A pot rack saves space. Donate mismatched items which are still usable.

• Place special occasion dishes and serving pieces on top shelf of cabinets since you don’t need access often.

• Everything in the kitchen must be functional. Evaluate large appliances that hog counter space and gadgets that clog the drawers. Eliminate rarely used items: apple and pineapple corers, egg slicers, etc. A good set of sharp knives safely stored work best.


This is where we read, relax, socialize, watch television and movies, listen to music. Clutter prevents you from being comfortable whether alone or when entertaining.

• Create a comfortable conversation area. Each seat should have a table at arms reach to rest a drink.

• Hide tech equipment and media or simply organize it to your preference and style.

• Sort and purge bookshelves. Edit collections annually. Keep the best and lose the rest.

• Eliminate unnecessary bric-a-brac which tend to collect dust.

• Use a magazine basket to contain magazines currently being read.

• Edit photographs, crafts and memorabilia, storing them in archival boxes or scrapbooks.

Next week, we’ll talk about ideas for organizing the bedroom and closets. If you need help in any of these areas, please call on me. Organized space works!

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