Breville and I Mix It Up: What Can We Learn From A Blender?

For those who read my last posting (see the entry below), I did get my blender set up immediately due to urgent need. The instructions were simple and readable. No, I'm not being paid by Breville to say all this, honest. I'm just impressed by this innovative Australian company. The blender works great and I've had the best smoothies ever. But I couldn't toss the box because I love the marketing message printed on its side, so here it is.

Counter thinking.

Breville was founded on a simple philosophy.
Make products that people will use.
And enjoy using. Every day. If possible.
Don't make art.
Don't make showpieces.
Make things better.
Listen to what people say when they like them.
And what they say when they don't.
This thinking led to the first juicer to juice whole fruit.
The first espresso machine that extracted more
crema from every bean.
The first blender that turned ice, into, well, snow.
And an impressive collection of international design awards.
Over 70 years.
More than 200 products.
90 patents.
And a nagging feeling that we can still do better.
We call it Counter Thinking.

Don't you just love it? Real dialogue. Real products. Good design.
Wow! Can't we all use some of this in our business?


Josette said...

I agree with you. What an inspiring message. Who would have guessed this was on the packaging of a blender... From now on, I'm going to read a lot of more packaging, although it may never give me the same inspiration as what Breville did with theirs. Thank you for sharing.

Lieber Brewster Marketing said...

Yes, Josette. Messages like this which lay out a company's philosophy in such a brief, eloquent and original way are rare, which is why I found it noteworthy. Companies have the opportunity to speak to us in so many ways. And the more genuine it is, the more I want to do business with them. And the blender works really well too as I would expect.