Marketing During Hard Times

Just returned from a week at "The World's Greatest Marketing Seminar" in Los Angeles. What a wow! 

Incredible to see how top marketers are using technologies, new and old, to become wealthy. I'm personally excited by teleseminars, home shopping TV, membership sites, nonprofit and corporate partnerships, video, and combining SEO tools with your brand. I will be studying these techniques in depth with the masters so I can use in them my own business and channel them to my clients. This isn't MBA learning. It's today's frontier in business.

One finding that reinforces my mission is that entrepreneurs spend 25% of energy on products/services, 65% on operations and 10% on marketing. Not helpful when the going is tough. For a winning ticket, spend 25% on products/services, 10% on operations and 65% on marketing.  

The bottom line: show up for your business. Stay fresh. Find new systems to automate marketing and make marketing a daily habit.  


John Follis said...

"For a winning ticket, spend 25% of your time on products/services, 10% on operations and 65% on marketing.
The bottom line...make marketing a daily habit."

Great advice, Anna. I call it a "marketing mindset." The business owners that have it (Trump, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc) are the ones who are most successful. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't hire the right marketing and advertising experts to help do the job!

John Follis

Maria Calidonna said...

Bill Gates said that there will be two kinds of business people in the future. Those who are marketing on the internet and those who aren't. Those who are using the internet will be in business and those who aren't will be out of business. Either way, marketing is everything to growing your business.