Let Them Eat Cake

I often watch CNBC in hopes of a glimmer of stock market insight. Shows with names like "Squawk on the Street". Today on "Power Lunch" I got insight on ... cupcakes.  

Yes, cupcakes.

It seems as the economy erodes, a home baking boom is having growth spurts. People are forgetting their troubles with sweet treats that don't impact their pocketbook. 

Speaking of mergers, several trends converge here: not just pinching pennies but the entertaining and stay-at-home trends and the kids learning to cook trend. Our health concerns: if we make it ourselves, we know where it came from. And don't forget the waistline-watching trend: cupcakes are portion-controlled little luxuries. 

The updated kitchen trend allows the at-home-chef (another trend) to watch the celebrity chefs reality show trend. I thought chef meant professional cook? 

Apparently there's a growth spurt of high quality, bake-at-home mixes. Is watching "Leave It To Beaver" next as we don our aprons? 

Seriously, being a trend watcher is fun and profitable. I wonder if Warren Buffett is buying shares of Duncan Hines® next? We're bombarded by trends – online, on television, in our own lives. Which trend can you leverage now in your business?

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