ID Theft - Don’t Let It Spoil Your Holidays!

View this video for a hilarious response to identity theft. Then read the article. Seriously!

Yes, it does happen. Especially at this time of year you can’t be too careful. People fall for email scams and more often, their private information is compromised.

Much as my clients protest, I insist you buy a good shredder. Situate it right next to your desk, plugged in and use it whenever you open the mail. Shred, shred, shred.

Never give out credit card or bank account information to anyone in an email (or phone call unless you initiated the call).

Items you must shred:

• Address labels

• Preapproved credit card offers

• Any paper with a signature, social security numbers, account numbers, email, etc.

• Documents with driver’s license, maiden name, passwords, pin numbers or other ID information

• Utility bills (phone, internet, gas, electric, cable, etc.)

• Financial offers, checks or new account solicitations

• Bank statements, loan information, ATM receipts, old/void checks, receipts, deposit slips

• Credit reports

• Credit card statements or receipts, bills, carbon copies

• Pay stubs, resumes or employment records, personnel information

• Legal or insurance documents, leases

• Investment or property transactions

• Medical and dental records including x-rays which require special handling

• Birth certificate copies

• Expired passports or visas, military IDs, other IDs

• Resumes, transcripts, school records

• Tax forms, returns

• Travel itineraries, airline tickets, luggage tags

• For laminated items, cut up with scissors and place half in two different garbage bags

• Digital data and media are especially important. There are secure companies that can shred these.

• Erase all hard drives before getting rid of computers

If you need help, call on me. I welcome your emails and calls!

Happy Holidays! And don’t fall for any scams!


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